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Gentle, reflective, manic.
Photo by Анастасия Беккер from Pexels

Has anyone caught me saying the f-word before? Meal’s on me if you have!

People may have caught on that I rarely swear in front of them. Emphasis on “in front of them” because I do regularly swear. However, when I am around people, I normally keep my word usage clean.

My ‘No Swearing’ policy is simple but it is very me-centric. The barrier to what constitutes a swear for me is plain. It is whatever word that you think may upset the conventional, stereotypical, strict Asian parent upon hearing those words slip out of their child’s lips.

That would…

‘Crush’. Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

A girl, a really pretty one taught me how to check myself.

You know how as cisgender men, we subconsciously form thoughts that put women in a box (especially in social construct terms)? It takes so little brainpower for us to do just that. A millisecond is all it takes.

Let’s say you are watching this spoken-word piece by a female creative on bodily autonomy. She swings her hips and does all these really sensual movements while she speaks in a hushed tone:

… do my shoulders provoke you? Does my chest? Am I my stomach? My hips? …

Photo by Designecologist from Pexels

For everything there is a season, A time for every activity under heaven. A time to be born and a time to die.

I do not think I will ever understand how seasons work. The part where autumn shifts into winter by an almost instant drop in temperature over one blanket of a night, or how the flowers magically come back to life signaling the coming of spring. I live on the equator for almost my whole life. The days are almost as long as the nights. …

There is a growing hesitation to liberalism in Asian countries. That makes the philosophy have a harder time rooting its ground in the region. One of the main reasons why this political ideology is being disseminated widely with so much difficulty in instilling longer-lasting impressions is because liberalism is English in nature.

Not to say that liberalism belongs to Westerners, but when liberal ideas are being spoken or written, they are more likely than not to be done in the English language. Modern progressive media is almost always American. It is in the form of a “The Daily Show with…

Writing letters to future me and past me.

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

Recently, I wrote a little something-something for, the online Malaysian platform that shares nice brunch places to go to and some other random stuff. It got published a few days ago along with a couple of other people’s letters too. You can catch and read the other letters and mine here.

Photo by Gabby K from Pexels

There was this guy.

He sits at the back of the lecture hall but he always made sure he was never situated at the last row. He was late enough to be coming in when class starts but early enough to be there when class ‘starts’.

He wore big framed glasses, making his already small eyes seemed like they fit one-tenth of the actual lens. His outlook was nerdy like one of those dorks from movies. I could picture him with a bunch of his pals trading cards or superhero comics. He was a bit plum looking and he clearly finds joy in the…

Photo by Süleyman Şahan from Pexels

I like to think everyone has their own world, their ecosystem. Their ideas, thoughts, and inner dialogue portrayed as vibrant flora and the livelihood which grazes upon it. These conceptual spheres of mental life can vary so much from person to person and hinge on the climate, altitude, and culture they nurture theirs’ in. That means someone’s world can be the most animated rainforest while another’s can resemble the driest of desert storms.

I also like to think that most people like to keep their planet pretty, well-maintained and overall happy to reside in. To do that, it’s nothing more…

This year was very eventful for music lovers. I also think it is a great time for casual listeners to be a little more adventurous with their music taste. There has never been a greater time for a laidback pop genre fan to get hooked to the futuristic genre of hyperpop and just banging your head to 100 gecs or asking for your favorite vocalist to scream in your ear or breathe down your neck… What?

There’s a part of me that feels that this year was a little staler than past years. That is obviously not true when I…

Reflecting on the ‘dumpster fire’ year and what it means to me.

This year was a lot.

This year was the most eventful for me (and I’m sure it was for a lot of people as well). What is more peculiar about the year is that more than half of the time, nothing eventful happened ever since lockdown was in place.

To review the year 2020 is to review a human phase, to review the unwanted exponential growth, to look back at the cruel moments you force yourself to be grateful for and the power to look forward with some ambitious optimism for the better. In this case, I’ve never used the…

The recent news reporting has not allowed us to voice our dissatisfaction fully towards our elected representatives and their actions.

Photo by Aloïs Moubax from Pexels

Every government has the positive duty to ensure that peaceful protests are the country’s prominent form of the citizens’ dissenting voice. Yet, ironically no government wishes to deal with demonstrations against its policies and rule. This begs the question, which is the government’s actual priority: to give the public strong enough avenues to voice their upsets or to hold their ground in administration?

The answer to the above question varies, from country to country. To allow protests to happen is to give permission to citizens to rebuke existing policies and schemes of which a supermajority of Parliament approved that these…


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