A Science Student’s Take on Law School

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Can the law be complimentary with fields of science?

With that, the first facade of law school is broken: not everyone studying a law degree plans to practice and be an attorney.

Student Body

I studied at a private institution which of course I will not name. The people who choose to take a degree in law come in either looking confused, confident, disinterested or unconcerned. Most don’t have a heated and fiery passion like mine. Reasons can go from family pressure, doing better in law among other subjects at A-Levels, or even being motivated from the riches to be earned from practicing. I have a friend who told me the only reason he choose to take this degree was because he thought he could be rich in the future from advocating in court.

What the Law Degree Actually Is

Any area in life that you think needs regulation and restrictions of, probably has some law over it. So there can be a great deal of areas that require legislation over it. The truth is that we do not even study half of these areas. The same is that for someone practicing medicine, in the sense that you do not know the entire specifics of the workings of the human body. Usually, you are only well-versed with a particular part. And granted the limited time and brain capacity of an average student, you only have enough resources to be good at certain parts of your field. Mandatory subjects include contract, criminal, tort, land, public law, the English legal system, equity and trust. Some would argue that company may be a required subject but for the most part, it is an elective for students to choose.


Lecturers often give enough materials for students to work on to adequately pass the subject. To score a higher score, you had to put in significant extra work yourself. Most students are ignorant to doing extra work but that is partly because of the “spoon-feeding” culture our Asian society adopts. Thus, many students fall on the passing grade and the unluckier ones would fail the exams which is the why the failure rate for some subjects can be quite high merely because the lecturer gave them minimal material to work on.


In my college, at least, advocacy is not integrated into the syllabus. Consequently, a lot of people graduate out of law school without any prior practice and guidance in delivering speeches in court as well as the formalities involved. Many of the relevant events are held outside of the lecture halls, in time and space.


To the people who are contemplating on studying in law school, I suggest that you do not be easily intimidated by the usual gossips and misconceptions of taking a law degree. The area can be hard to score a decent grade without an outstanding amount of effort, and even more so for a first class degree. But are not all undergraduate degrees like that in a way? Note that you will be burying your head in words of either heavy books or on a bright computer screen. If reading is a burden to you, it does not mean that a law degree turns to be an option for you to strike out. It would just mean that it would be burdensome for you to get through the exams, by a much bigger extent. But if reading turns out to be something you like, much will be in your favor. Most of my friends who seldom read in general find a tough time while doing the degree. Read books on areas you are interested in but are not mutually exclusive to the law, such as sociology and the book Homo Deus by Yuval Noah Harari. Pay attention to the recent issues concerning relevant discussion on the law, such as the current state abortion laws in US states not allowing abortion anymore where the one of the most compelling arguments involve the workings of the hierarchy of the judicial system and precedent. For me, I love indulging in social matters which usually provide a much more visible link towards how humans work and behave.

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